Colonic irrigation – also known as ‘colon cleansing’ or simply ‘colonic’ – Is a controversial medical (or quasi-medical) procedure that involves washing the colon with warm water using a tube which is inserted rectally. The process is generally painless and harmless, but does it really work?


While the medical community is at odds in regards to this issue, consumers seem to have a different opinion, as many providers of colonic irrigation Melbourne wide at can testify. And there is some basis for this treatment, as it is practiced by many forms of ancient medicine (including Tibetian and Chinese), and may aid patients suffering from diarrhea, constipation and other stomach afflictions. Patients also report an improve in their general mood and energy levels after undergoing a colonic.


So while there is some obvious psychological and physical discomfort involved, one should probably not rule out colon cleansing as a treatment method. It can remove many toxins and remnants of fecal matter which do not leave the body via the usual means (defecation).


If you are considering undergoing this type of treatment, be sure to find the most professional colonic irrigation Melbourne click here has to offer. Avoid all types of ‘quacks’ who will make far-going promises which they cannot keep, and choose experienced professionals with a proper background in alternative medicine.


A colonic generally takes around 40 minutes. One does not need to fast before or after the treatment but it is recommended to consume wholesome, easily digestible foods for a few days before and after. It is often supplemented by different vitamins and food additives that are intended to complete the cleansing process.


So is colon cleansing a good idea? It’s hard to say. The medical community has its opinions, but we know that many alternative medicines have been shown to be very helpful in treating many symptoms. So read a bit, consult with your friends, and come to an informed decision.